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PROFIBUS is Europe's leading fieldbus for automation technology. Softing offers a wide range of hardware and software components for the establishment and operation of PROFIBUS networks - from interface modules to diagnostic tools.

The PROFIBUS PA fieldbus meets the special requirements of process automation such as intrinsic safety and bus-powered devices. Softing offers powerful hardware and software that enables you to equip your devices with a PROFIBUS PA interface.

S7 / S5 Communication
Controllers for the SIMATIC S5 and S7 family from Siemens and compatible solutions are being used in automation all around the world. The Softing product portfolio provides you with easy, economical access to all SIMATIC controllers.

Ethernet will continue its successful expansion from the office to the industrial automation world. Softing offers hardware and software products for the most important protocols such as PROFINET, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, ETHERNET Powerlink to enable you to equip your devices or applications with a realtime Ethernet interface.

CAN / CANopen / DeviceNet
CAN/CANopen/DeviceNet is a cost-efficient communication network for the fast and reliable transmission of data from machines and devices over short distances. The Softing interface cards are high-performance solutions for connecting PC-based systems. Our diagnostic tools support your operations and help you find and eliminate errors.

FOUNDATION fieldbus is a fieldbus standard oriented primarily on the requirements of process automation. It is the most functionally complete fieldbus solution for this area of application. Softing supports you with protocol software, device interfaces, gateways and configuration tools to enable you to operate your device or application on this fieldbus.

OPC (Openness, Productivity, Collaboration) is a worldwide standard for the exchange of data and information between software components. Our toolkits help you develop clients and servers for your applications quickly and efficiently. Our OPC servers for different communication systems are easy to use and offer a high level of performance.

FDT (Field Device Tool) makes it possible to configure, parameterize, diagnose and manage (field) devices with a single engineering tool regardless of the fieldbus or manufacturer. You can benefit from the advantages of FDT by using the communication and gateway DTMs from Softing.

Industrial Controls
For Softing, control technology comprises not only control but also programming, operation, monitoring and error diagnosis. Softing's 4CONTROL technology offers a flexible set of modular hardware and software solutions for your application tasks.
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